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The Beginning

The events of the first days of the coming of "Balance!"

Enter "The Ripper"

Tim "The Ripper" Owens makes his entrance into the "Balance" saga

Altered Ego

A look into Jeff Daylan's Past and the origin of "Balance"

Building a Mystery

We return to the scene of the crime. Where is "The Ripper?"

A Rooftop Meeting

Jeff meets an old friend who carries information about his past which may shed light on events in his future!

Something Wicked

Two bodies arrive at the county morgue along with a herald of sinister intent!

Li'l Mike

Detectives Murphy Patrick and Chris Zalechia make a visit to one of Akron's most notorious criminals.

An Elegant Weapon

Jeff takes the sword he found in the desert to an old friend who might know a thing or two about Ancient Artifacts.

The Whisperer

An Environmental Terrorist calling herself "The Whisperer" is hell bent on making Akron pay! But for what?

Where hides The RIpper?

The Ripper is in Hiding after the Traveler's Tavern Incident. What is he planning to do next?