In Memory of Kosmo
22nd Mar 2017, 12:40 AM
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In Memory of Kosmo
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Author Notes:
Kosmo was an amazing dog. He was my best friend, my drawing buddy and filled my life with so much joy, love and happiness. Kosmo was a very funny dog and he and I shared many laughs and wonderful moments together. Kosmo passed on March 14th just after 4:00pm. He lived a long and happy life of 15 plus years. This week I wanted to honor him by posting one of four cartoons I drew of him for the Seville Trading Post in Seville, Ohio back when I first adopted him as a puppy in 2002. Last week there was not a strip posted as I was in deep mourning over the loss of my best friend. The Akron Knight will return next week with the 3rd installment of the "Li'L Mike" Chapter. Thank you all who are reading the strip. It means a lot to both me, and my incredible puppy.. Kosmo!!